v1.0-RC (Released as v1.0)

v.1.0.0-rc.5.5.8 (Jun 28, 2024)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Delayed visibility to solve FOUC & CLS issue

v.1.0.0-rc-5.5.7 (Jun 27, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Rendering optimization, including images and repeaters

v.1.0.0-rc-5.5.5 (Jun 25, 2024)

  • IMPROVEMENT: CSS Loading optimization

  • HOTFIX: JS not loading properly

v.1.0.0-rc-5.5.4 (Jun 24, 2024)

  • HOTFIX: Inline CSS positioned in the wrong priority

  • IMPROVEMENT: New Get Started in Settings section

v.1.0.0-rc-5.5.2 (Jun 21, 2024)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Rich Text editor now supports shift + enter to add a new line (Thanks to Max Sankovich)

  • BUGFIX: Google font not loading

  • BUGFIX: Meta Box advanced location not working (Thanks to Cees)

  • BUGFIX: Visibility Token invisible if the last variant is invisible

  • BUGFIX: Text alignment not applied in the front-end (Thanks to Alan Blair)

  • BUGFIX: Non-global class not being rendered in dynamic class

  • BUGFIX: Custom HTML ID missing CSS

v.1.0.0-rc-5.5.0 (Jun 19, 2024)

  • FEATURE: native video element editing

  • FEATURE: experimental native fields feature (text, true/false, radio, select, image)

  • BUGFIX: Dynamic data breaks inside text editors (Thanks Olli again for reporting it)

  • BUGFIX: CSS being loaded in the footer area causing CLS issue (Thanks to Jan and Milen's report)

  • BUGFIX: icons not being loaded in the frontend

v.1.0.0-rc-5.4.2 (Jun 7, 2024)

  • HOTFIX: HTML breaking in some edge cases

  • FEATURE: Adding file and number fields for ACF and Meta Box

v.1.0.0-rc-5.4.1 (Jun 5, 2024)

  • HOTFIX: CSS loading error where it has duplicate CSS

  • FEATURE: Add default page template

  • FEATURE: Allow users to override Bricks' theme name using a filter gutenbricks_bricks_theme_name (requested by Michael)

  • BUGFIX: Image not loading when ACF image type is set to Array

  • BUGFIX: The style editor doesn't work with multiple blocks

v.1.0.0-rc-5.3.0 (May 25, 2024)

  • FEATURE: Users can choose which post types to have certain block bundles

v.1.0.0-rc-5.2.1 (May 21, 2024)

  • FEATURE: WYSIWYG editor (works in repeater as well)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Post Selector now can reorder

  • IMPROVEMENT: Any elements such as cards wrapped in <a> are no longer redirecting when clicked in the editor. You can also edit the links now.

  • BUGFIX: Text Editor <li> <ol> disappears in Gutenberg Editor (Thanks to Tom Grice's report)

  • BUGFIX: Preview not working properly

  • BUGFIX: Sometimes blocks are not loaded when the staging URL is redirected to the production website (thanks to Fabien's report)

v.1.0.0-rc-5.0.2 (May 14, 2024)

  • FEATURE: Repeater

v.1.0.0-rc-4.6.3 (May 6, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Render <ul> <ol> properly and remove unnecessary HTML (Thanks to Tom Grice and Jarmo Sainio!)

  • BUGFIX: Text Link doesn't have URL editor (Thanks to Cyrus Razavi)

  • BUGFIX: Visibility toggle causes rendering error (Thanks to Nick's report!)

v.1.0.0-rc-4.6.2 (May 3, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Unable to edit links in some cases

  • BUGFIX: Variants not loading properly in editor

  • BUGFIX: Variant data not rendered (Thanks to Tom Grice's report!)

  • BUGFIX: Rich Text editor CSS not following the original element

v.1.0.0-rc-4.6.0 (May 1, 2024)

  • FEATURE: New text editing

  • BUGFIX: The license page goes blank initially

  • BUGFIX: Polylang not loading components properly

  • BUGFIX: Polylang not working with BricksExtra condition

  • BUGFIX: HTML ID field fails to work with variants

v.1.0.0-rc-4.5.3 (Apr 18, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Image and video block not centred in the editor.

  • BUGFIX: ACSS classes not applied as dynamic class (Thanks to Cees)

  • BUGFIX: Polylang loading issue (Thanks to Cees)

  • BUGFIX: GutenBricks - Page template not available (Thanks to Malte)

  • BUGFIX: Block preview height keeps increasing

v.1.0.0-rc-4.5.1 (Apr 16, 2024)

  • FEATURE: Style Editor to edit CSS such as colors and background-image

  • FEATURE: Post object / relationship selector for ACF

v.1.0.0-rc-4.2.3 (Apr 8, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: The background image not being updated

  • BUGFIX: Image not updating when not wrapped in other tags

v.1.0.0-rc-4.2.0 (Apr 5, 2024)

v.1.0.0-rc-4.1.11 (Apr 2, 2024)

  • Security patch

  • Changed the name from Block Page to Page Template

  • BUGFIX: The licensing cache failure where every block rendering is triggering an HTTP call to the licensing API

v.1.0.0-rc-4.1.8 (Mar 22, 2024)

  • Compatibility tested with Bricks

  • BUGFIX: Button/Link not toggle not set properly after editing the button

  • IMPROVEMENT: Making Bricks version warning dismissible

v.1.0.0-rc-4.1.5 (Mar 8, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Adding images as block preview (Shout out to Lee Matthew Jackson)

  • TYPO: Fix misspelled words (Thanks to Chad Botha!)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Minified assets to improve loading

v.1.0.0-rc-4.1.2 (Mar 6, 2024)

New Features

  • Native Variant Builder

  • BUGFIX: Remove n.Element is not a constructor bug

  • BUGFIX: Attributes not updating properly in ACF and Meta Box fields

v.1.0.0-rc-4.0.2 (Mar 4, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Styles not applied correctly within query loops

  • BUGFIX: ACF/MB boolean values are not behaving properly when default value was set true

  • IMPROVEMENT: Making inline form optional and secondary (Thanks to John Difool's insight)

v.1.0.0-rc-4 (Mar 3, 2024)

New Features

  • Disabling editing for an element or entire template

  • Inline editing form toggle inside Gutenberg editor

  • Native editing form

  • Value binding

  • Dynamic Classes

  • Customize block icons

  • Customize Block Settings. In this version, there is only one field called HTML ID field

  • Turn off rendering of container, block, section and div blocks

v.1.0.0-rc-3.7.4 (Mar 1, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Unique ID style rendered twice in Style

  • BUGFIX: Gutenberg crashes when an array value passed as a string

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improving unique ID performance

  • PATCH: Third-Party plugin integration - resolving Solving SimpleShop conflict

v.1.0.0-rc-3.7 (Feb 28, 2024)

  • Includes breaking changes from RC4.0

  • Unique ID for elements

v.1.0.0-rc-3.6.8 (Feb 27, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Image size not respecting Bricks builder's image size

  • BUGFIX: Scoping addon and Bricks CSS within Gutenberg editor

v.1.0.0-rc-3.6.6 (Feb 26, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Remove warnings

  • BUGFIX: Global fonts not loading properly

  • BUGFIX: Colour picker missing in ACF

  • BUGFIX: Image not updating if wrapped in

v.1.0.0-rc-3.6.5 (Feb 25, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Bricks core CSS and add-ons styles not properly scoped within GutenBerg editor

  • BUGFIX: Fatal error for Bricks older than 1.9.6

  • BUGFIX: Elements (Buttons, Text Link) not being unfocused in Gutenberg editor

  • BUGFIX: Dynamic URL not rendered properly for Text Link and Button

v.1.0.0-rc-3.6.2 (Feb 22, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: BricksCore add-on JS not being loaded properly

  • BUGFIX: Not being able to edit text in certain hosting, browser environemnt

  • BUGFIX: Bricks slider element not showing in Gutenberg

  • BUFGIX: Removing a few warnings

v.1.0.0-rc-3.5 (Feb 21, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: ACF values not displaying properly

  • BUGFIX: addon Javascripts not loading on time

v1.0.0-rc-3 (Feb 16, 2024)

  • NEW: Meta Box integration Beta features with limited input fields.

v1.0.0-rc-2.16 (Feb 17, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: TypeError: l(...).sortable is not a function. (Reported by Vladimir and Malte.)

  • BUGFIX: Unable to edit Blocks within CPTs (Reported by John Aperture)

v1.0.0-rc-2.15 (Feb 14, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Core Framework Gutenberg doesn't load (Thanks to Jan's report)

  • BUGFIX: Switching between buttons within the same component does not update URL value when the field is empty (Thanks to Olli for reporting!)

  • BUGFIX: Text inputs not being able to enter space

v1.0.0-rc-2.14 (Feb 13, 2024)

  • BRICKS UPDATE: It's tested with Bricks

  • BUGFIX: Resources not loading properly when WordPress' working directory is a subdirectory (Many thanks to John Garvin)

v1.0.0-rc-2.12 (Feb 12, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: ACSS improvement. Fix specificity (Thanks to Steve Baker) Please re-save the ACSS settings to generate new CSS!

  • BUGFIX: Checkbox value not being loaded (Thanks to Olli Koskimäki)

  • BUGFIX: Warnings removed (Thanks to Valentin Petlov and Peter Benard)

v1.0.0-rc-2.10 (Feb 10, 2024)

  • NEW: ACF instructions are now visible (Requested by Stacey)

  • NEW: Adding image using ACF field

  • BUGFIX: ACSS issues where its CSS affects the Gutenberg editor (unwanted full-width, p and headings losing margin etc reported by Dave Foy)

  • BUGFIX: Blocks loading duplicate style sheets causing styles to break in Gutenberg editor (Special thanks to Chad Botha)

  • BUGFIX: Block Page was visible in Gutenberg editor as a block (Reported by Steve Baker)

  • BUGFIX: Text Link is clickable inside Gutenberg, redirecting users (Reported by Nick)

  • Some minor performance improvement

v1.0.0-rc-2.8 (Feb 9, 2024)

  1. BUGFIX: Add an option to preserve section padding within the Post Content element that is again wrapped in another section for which ACSS recognizes it as section > section and removed padding. Reported by Dave Foy

  2. BUGFIX: BricksBuilder loaded ACSS Gutenberg CSS even after the user turned off Gutenberg support, causing unwanted full-width editing within Gutenberg. Reported by Dave Foy

v1.0.0-rc-2.7 (Feb 9, 2024)

  1. NEW: Compatibility test passed with Bricks 1.9.6. We will support the new filters and SVG features in the following releases.

  2. NEW: Edit URL for the Text Link element

  3. NEW: Changed from Checkbox to Toggle for True/False ACF field (Thanks Olli)

v1.0.0-rc-2.6 (Feb 8, 2024)

  1. BUG FIX: Remove dummy "default" and now the ACF default value behaves correctly

  2. BUG FIX: Calling ACF using get_field in code block doesn't retrieve value

  3. BUG FIX: When the link is selected as internal, the href was missing from <a> tag

  4. BUG FIX: The ACF values from neighbouring siblings are being shared

  5. BUG FIX: Bring back the tooltip over dynamic data and disable its editing (Olli)

  6. BUG FIX: Offset ACSS's 2.8.0's CSS that removes padding for a section nested in another section

v1.0.0-rc.2.2 HOT FIX update (Feb 5, 2024) (You do not need to update to this version yet if you don’t experience the following issues)

  1. Value does not load properly on certain hosting systems due to an unknown issue. (very likely hosting caching issue)

  2. Warning message reported by @Val Petlov due to missing ‘style’ attribute in element’s setting object.

1.0.0-rc.2.2 (Feb 4, 2024)

RC.2 has been released and it was the last RC. Thank you for your feedback and bug reports. Now we understand more about the real use cases and what kind of product GutenBricks should become!

  1. A new template type "GutenBricks Block" has been added, you MUST use this block type for your templates.

  2. Added "default" bundle. If no bundle is assigned, the template will belong to the default bundle.

  3. Better rendering, preview and accuracy including a working responsive view.

  4. Edit button URL

  5. New ACF fields: URL, True/False and Email

  6. Customize "ACF Settings" label on Gutenberg editor

  7. New third-party integration: BricksExtra

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