Current Changelog

v1.0.5 (July, 16, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: block class rendered even in the children elements

  • BUGFIX: Fix the issue where the images set to index: -1 are not showing

  • BUGFIX: WYSIWYG editor within repeater breaks when it has links

  • BUGFIX: 2 or more sliders don't render properly at the same time

  • BUGFIX: Visibility doesn't work properly on the root element

  • BUGFIX: Separator breaks within Gutenberg editor when used with text

v.1.0.3 (July, 8, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Text editor not showing list and other tags properly in Gutenberg editor

  • IMPROVEMENT: Native Gutenberg header displayed in right width and centered in Gutenberg editor

v.1.0.2 (July 2, 2024)

  • BUGFIX: Block documentation not loading

  • BUGFIX: Remove warning messages

v.1.0.0 (July 1, 2024)

  • FEATURE: Delayed visibility to solve FOUC & CLS issue

  • FEATURE: CSS Loading optimization

  • FEATURE: New Get Started in Settings section

  • FEATURE: Rich Text editor now supports shift + enter to add a new line (Thanks to Max Sankovich)

  • FEATURE: Native video element editing

  • FEATURE: Experimental native fields feature (text, true/false, radio, select, image)

  • FEATURE: Adding file and number fields for ACF and Meta Box

  • FEATURE: Add default page template

  • FEATURE: Allow users to override Bricks' theme name using a filter gutenbricks_bricks_theme_name (requested by Michael)

  • FEATURE: Users can choose which post types to have certain block bundles

  • FEATURE: WYSIWYG editor (works in repeater as well)

  • FEATURE: Post Selector now can reorder

  • FEATURE: Any elements such as cards wrapped in <a> are no longer redirecting when clicked in the editor. You can also edit the links now.

  • FEATURE: Repeater

  • FEATURE: New text editing

  • FEATURE: Style Editor to edit CSS such as colors and background-image

  • FEATURE: Post object / relationship selector for ACF

  • FEATURE: gb_get_field(). This function allows you to retrieve Block metadata programmatically

  • FEATURE: Native Variant Builder

  • FEATURE: Disabling editing for an element or entire template

  • FEATURE: Inline editing form toggle inside Gutenberg editor

  • FEATURE: Native editing form

  • FEATURE: Value binding

  • FEATURE: Dynamic Classes

  • FEATURE: Customize block icons

  • FEATURE: Customize Block Settings. In this version, there is only one field called HTML ID field

  • FEATURE: Turn off rendering of container, block, section and div blocks

  • FEATURE: Unique ID for elements

  • FEATURE: Meta Box integration Beta features with limited input fields.

  • FEATURE: ACF instructions are now visible (Requested by Stacey)

  • FEATURE: Adding image using ACF field

  • FEATURE: Compatibility test passed with Bricks 1.9.6. We will support the new filters and SVG features in the following releases.

  • FEATURE: Edit URL for the Text Link element

  • FEATURE: Changed from Checkbox to Toggle for True/False ACF field (Thanks Olli)

  • FEATURE: A new template type "GutenBricks Block" has been added, you MUST use this block type for your templates.

  • FEATURE: Added "default" bundle. If no bundle is assigned, the template will belong to the default bundle.

  • FEATURE: Better rendering, preview and accuracy including a working responsive view.

  • FEATURE: Edit button URL

  • FEATURE: New ACF fields: URL, True/False and Email

  • FEATURE: Customize "ACF Settings" label on Gutenberg editor

  • FEATURE: New third-party integration: BricksExtra

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